Artist Biography

Sonorous Encounters with Physical and Abstracted Media

Russell Duke is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Greenwich. He has a BA in Politics and Sociology and a MA in Media, Art Philosophy and Practice. His work explores the use of noise in sound composition and its relationship to social, political and cultural change. His practice combines modular synthesis with a collage of handmade analogue objects and chaotic digital interfaces to demonstrate how noise challenges traditional musical structures and conventions. He is particularly interested in how hacker/ maker and open source programming communities are providing an alternative to more generative sonic practices  and interfaces. Russell’s previous work has included audio-visual reflections on rhythmanalysis, lucid and refracted memory and the dissonance in communication and new media environments. Russell applies an object orientated approach that interpolates the micro granular level of digital sound with the warmth and textures of layered analogue drones. He works specifically with found sounds that are manipulated to form abstract sonic reflections.

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